Insider reveals possible Grand Theft Auto 6 release date

By Olivia Richman


Mar 8, 2023

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Rockstar is looking to release Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2024, according to recent leaks.

GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games out there, and gamers have been anxiously awaiting any official news about its release. Despite very little confirmed information from Rockstar, there have been plenty of leaks along the way, including a hacker getting ahold of gameplay footage.

Now, a trusted insider has revealed a possible release date for the massive action game.

When is Grand Theft Auto 6 coming out?

Rockstar has been going through a lot with the development of GTA 6. Most recently, developers claimed the massive leak left them emotionally and personally impacted. The game is not coming out by the end of 2023 as previously expected, but a Rockstar insider has theorized that it’s not going to be too long of a wait after all.

Insider TezFun shared some interesting information on the official GTA forums. The post claimed that Rockstar’s current deadline is the holiday season of 2024, but this deadline is “always changing” and “not set in stone.” He added that it could easily slip into 2025.

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Like other gaming studios, Rockstar will allegedly be returning to the office soon, according to Tez. He said that this announcement will be a “given” this year. This policy could work in favor or against the launch date. Either some work talent leaves because they can’t work at the office, or the team works more cohesively while in-office.

“I don’t think the upper management is in a position to delay further to holiday 2025/2026,” Tez added. “Cutting more portions of the game to package into DLCs to release later on may be sustainable for management [rather] than delaying further.”

This seems pretty likely as well since GTA 4 and other previous GTA games also had DLC releases.

Rockstar has not confirmed any release date itself, so fans of the series will have to wait for an official announcement before we know when GTA 6 is coming.


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