GTA 6 leak

Rockstar responds to massive GTA 6 gameplay footage leak

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 19, 2022

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A collection of footage from Grand Theft Auto 6 has appeared online in a massive leak that has now been removed via a Take-Two Interactive copyright strike.

GTA 6 has been deep in development for over seven years now. Rockstar has been hard at work on its flagship franchise’s next installment since 2014. However, it wasn’t until 2022 that credible leaks regarding GTA 6 started appearing. Outside of reports and the GTA 5 credit rollout, fans still haven’t seen or heard much regarding the game. 

A leak blew the lid off the game, revealing over 90 in-game clips from GTA 6’s early development. On September 18, a leaker named teapotuberhacker publicized in-game videos. They said they were pulled from Rockstar Games’ Slack channel. The clips confirmed previous reports regarding GTA 6, including having a woman as the player character. Reports stated that a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired couple will star in GTA 6. 

The leaker claims to have control over more sensitive data regarding GTA 6 and has threatened to leak it. There have also been reports of other Rockstar Games titles having their source code proliferated. 

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Rockstar responds to biggest GTA 6 leak so far

The leaks seemed to be from early game development, as most files still look incomplete. However, it’s easy to tell that the clips are more advanced and different from the prior game installments. It was unknown whether these clips were fake, but Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier confirmed that the clips were authentic. Since then, Rockstar has also come forward and responded to the leak.

According to the developer, a network intrusion allowed a bad actor to download confidential information, confirming that the clips were from GTA 6 early development. The leaks don’t have any lasting impact on game development, Rockstar stated. According to the developer, the work on GTA 6 will continue on schedule. For now, the initial leaks have been removed from the internet, but videos still remain up on other channels.