Victorious Blitzcrank

Riot reveals Victorious Blitzcrank, 2021 ranked rewards

By Nicholas James


Oct 5, 2021

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League of Legends’ year is moving towards the off-season. Worlds is taking place until November 6 in Iceland, TFT’s World Championship is over, and the ranked season is winding to a close. Today, Riot Games revealed the annual Victorious skin rewarded to players who achieve Gold in ranked play. Victorious Blitzcrank is the next champion to join the line.


The Victorious Blitzcrank skin was teased earlier with an image of a stuffed bear, leading many to suspect Victorious Annie. Tibbers is a key part of Annie’s kit, and many saw the toy animal as a surefire clue that the mid laner would receive the skin.

But Riot pulled the rug out from under many players’ expectations with the Iron Golem’s latest cosmetic. The skin depicts a smooth, sleek version of Blitzcrank’s usually worn look. The golden aesthetic theme for Victorious skins continues with a large Hextech crystal in Blitzcrank’s chest.

The skin will have a variety of chromas available, with more unlocking the higher you placed in the ranked season for 2021. The chromas have slight distinctions depending on where you placed in Solo/Duo queue as well as Flex queue.

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League of Legends ranked rewards 2021

Alongside Victorious Blitzcrank, Riot announced the ranked rewards for 2021. There will be unique rewards for Honor level and Clash points collected over the most recent season of play. Everyone who participated in Clash will receive an icon, but players who excelled in their five-man play will get more. Banners will be rewarded as well, scaling in a similar fashion.

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It’s time to crunch for that crucial rank-up if you want something specific, as the offseason is rapidly approaching.


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