Riot nerfs Jett into the ground in latest Valorant update

By George Geddes


Aug 24, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The developers of Valorant have made significant changes to Jett, one of the most popular duelists in the game, it was announced today

Riot Games announced major nerfs to Jett to push back on some of her power as one of the most dominant duelists in Valorant. Every ability of hers is getting a major hit, with her dash seeing a significant change. 

Here’s the Jett nerfs in full 

To start with, Jett’s tailwind ability, which allows her to dash away in any direction following a short wind-up period, will be changed. 

The initial windup activation time has been increased from 0.75 seconds to one second, while her dash window has been decreased from 12 seconds to 7.5. 

“At 12s, Jett could often find value activating her dash without clear intention or make incorrect calls but still have time to find another use for the dash,” Riot said regarding the change. 

Her Cloudburst, which is a smoke, has been decreased from 4.5 seconds to 2.5, which is a major hit. Re-equipping a gun will now take longer, also, which hampers her ability to dash into a smoke and enter on sites immediately. 

The updraft ability, which allows her to dash in the air quickly, will be reduced from two charges to one. 

Finally, her ultimate ability, Blade Storm, will be increased from seven ultimate points to eight. 

“Jett’s ultimate has proven one of the most flexible, reliable and economically powerful gun replacement Ultimates because of its lack of a timer, reset on kills, and harmony with Jett’s movement,” Riot said regarding the change. 

“This change should bring Blade Storm up to the same cost of comparable weapon ults, such as the Tour De Force and Showstopper.” 

The changes will likely see other similar Agents, such as Chamber, move back into the meta while other duelists like Raze and Reyna could become more popular in professional play.