Riot Games teases agent 18 in Valorant South America LCQ trailer

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games might have confirmed Deadeye’s look in the Valorant South America LCQ trailer.

As Episode 3 Act 2 enters its last stages, Riot Games has started to tease content for the next act. It’s been a while that the Valorant protocol recruited a new agent but Act 3 will change that with the addition of agent 18, rumored to be called “Deadeye.”

While no one knows for sure how Deadeye looks or what he does, official teasers and leaks combined may have just confirmed his appearance. Riot slipped an unknown character into a recent trailer that looks a lot like the leaked images of Deadeye.

Valorant South America LCQ trailer featured almost all agents in the form of statues, dodging Cypher’s bullet. When Cypher was falling into a void, a shard in the background had a familiar image plastered on it. The sleek character isn’t part of the active protocol and looked precisely like Deadeye spotted by leakers in previous trailers.

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Who is Deadeye in Valorant?

Riot Games slipped Deadeye’s first look into Valorant YR 1 anthem, in which posters of the agent were plastered on a wall. Dedicated fans were quick to zoom in and point out this new face carrying a massive weapon on his shoulder. Crystal encrusted eye, pushed back hair, and sometimes wearing dark shades, Deadeye looked like the perfect Sentinel that Valorant protocol desperately needs.

The Operator slung on the shoulder and a broken eye fixed with a crystal similar to Sova’s hints that Deadeye’s toolkit would help teams pick first fights. Previously, many leaks suggested that Deadeye could also be named Sprinter, hinting that he might also have some movement tricks up his sleeve. This theory implies that he’d likely be an Operator specialist, pleasing players that have been complaining that Jett is the only agent viable on the sniper.

There are many roles that Agent 18 could fill in. But players were more eager to learn more about the sophisticated persona Riot Games has portrayed so far. Deadeye carries an expensive business card and likes to drink black coffee. Players also know that he is an extremely rich Frenchman, as confirmed in the Fracture trailer.

However, players were still unsure whether the first look shared by leakers was actually Deadeye. The new trailer shows that leakers have picked the correct image of agent 18.

The new agent will enter Valorant in Episode 3 Act 3, set to release in the first week of November.