Riot Games releases Enemy by Imagine Dragons & JID

By Nicholas James


Oct 28, 2021

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Riot Games has begun the slow release of the original animated series soundtrack for Arcane, with the first song, “Enemy,” dropping on October 28.

The song is performed by Imagine Dragons & JID, and features a fully animated music video giving an extended glimpse into the world of Arcane. Riot has announced that new songs are to be released with each new act of Arcane, which is itself to be released on November 6, 13, and 20.

The new video features an animated version of the Imagine Dragons members performing the song in a rundown Zaunite pub called The Last Drop. Jinx and Vi take the main stage throughout the video, with a special focus on Jinx’s traumatic childhood and her eventual transformation into the villainous vandal League of Legends players know and love. The video begins with Jinx, Vi, Ekko, and the rest of their young Zaunite friend group enjoying a simple life in the undercity.

As the video moves on, Jinx and Vi’s relationship grows fraught as the class tensions between Zaun and Piltover escalate. The video intersperses footage from the animated show with custom footage depicting Jinx’s tragic descent into insanity and the difficulties of growing up in Zaun. Each act’s soundtrack seems to be directly associated with the events of the story, with the first act’s titles being Enemy, Playground, and Goodbye.

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When does Arcane’s soundtrack release?

Arcane is a nine-episode series that will be available through Netflix, being released in three-episode acts across three weeks. While Riot seems to be releasing some music early, each act’s soundtrack can be expected to hit all platforms on the same day as the episodes. Act one releases on November 6, the second act on November 13, the third act on November 20. The full soundtrack track list has been revealed, with a star-studded listing including artists ranging from Pusha T to Gizzle and Sting.


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