Riot Games gives details on fighting game Project L

By Nicholas James


Nov 20, 2021

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Riot Games announced a swathe of new titles and projects in the League of Legends universe as a part of League of Legends’ 10th-anniversary celebration. One that grabbed fans’ attention was the 2D fighting game starring League of Legends.

Today, after the last act of Arcane aired, Riot has continued their massive publicity train for RiotX Arcane by announcing details on Project L.

In the video featuring Tom Cannon and Tony Cannon, the game’s executive producer and technical lead, Riot goes deep into the details of their upcoming game. Project L will be an assist-based fighting game where a player builds a team of two champions assembled from a limited roster of League of Legends champions. From the gameplay displayed, the player can call a secondary character in to assist combos from their primary character. In the video, a Darius player summons Jinx to fire projectiles from range at the enemy Ekko.

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Riot Games says they’re leaning into an “easy to learn, hard to master” design philosophy. While Riot wants fans to be able to jump into Project L and learn their favourite champion’s basic kit, while still rewarding experienced players for going deep on each champion’s kit.

Ekko gets the spotlight in the Project L RiotX Arcane video, with pieces of his kit being highlighted. Ekko’s kit most iconic elements are preserved in his Project L kit. Ekko can leave an echo of himself that he can rewind to, as well as throwing out a Timewinder that charges up before slowing enemies greatly at maximum power. Darius also gets a few of his moves shown, with slow and powerful swing attacks that make the ax-wielding warrior feel much like his League of Legends counterpart.

When does Project L release?

Despite the in-depth look, there’s still no release date for Project L.

Riot promises not to go silent as long as last time, but Project L still seems a long way from finished. Finally, Riot is committing to top-level net code for Project L. The developer promises high-quality compensation for opponents lagging, as well as a built-in solution for opponents rage-quitting.


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