Valorant deathmatch

Riot fixes Deathmatch spawn issues after player complaints

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot is looking to fix the Valorant deathmatch state following an abundance of player complaints regarding spawn placements. The new patch brings all the right ingredients for a perfect deathmatch experience. 

A few Valorant players use the in-game deathmatch to warm up their hands, which is a huge issue. Most deathmatch players are competitive, which defeats the point of the game mode. Ranked players have been complaining about how poor spawns ruin their warm-up. The slow pace of deathmatch makes it more like a competitive game than a quick practice session. 

Riot Games has finally fixed these major deathmatch problems in patch 4.03. Players will no longer spawn in enemies’ faces, increasing their chances of getting maximum kills in a short time. A reduced spawn time will also help increase the mode’s pace. 

What’s new in Valorant deathmatch? 

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Riot Games has made some much-needed tweaks to Valorant’s deathmatch mode. Quicker spawns, increased distance, and spawning logic will likely improve the DM state. 

In the new Valorant patch 4.03, Riot states it has:

  • Removed and in some cases relocated “dangerous” spawn locations
  • Improved spawn logic and spawn placement to increase the likelihood of facing other players in an encounter
  • Spawning logic will now favor respawning locations farther away from where the player was killed
  • Fixed an issue where the Warm-Up Phase was not using spawn logic properly
  • Respawn time reduced from three seconds to 1.5 seconds

These changes will ensure that players don’t die unfairly in a Valorant deathmatch. While dying instantly doesn’t necessarily damage score in a game mode purposed for practice, it surely hurts the warm-up regimen. Players complained that they’d die to random spawns without even seeing an enemy. Slow spawns also enabled enemies to shoot at AFK players still waiting to equip their weapons. 

All of this will change in the new patch. The player model will ideally generate much more quickly in a logical spawn different from their last position. This change will positively impact the current state of Valorant deathmatches.

Those who abandoned the game mode may start using it again for practice purposes. However, how these changes are implemented in practice remains to be seen.