Riot finally delivers a fix for Jett bug after community complaints

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has finally patched up Jett’s broken kit after complaints from the fans. 

Patch 3.08 left a significant bug in Jett’s toolkit, hiking prices for Updraft and slowing down Tailwind. The developer promised to repair her kit in the next patch, but a shift in game meta has caused the team to deliver a hotfix. 

The latest patch delivered agent fixes, performance, and esports updates. However, it left behind a tiny glitch in Valorant’s best duelist Jett, making her significantly slower and expensive. A disparity of 50 Creds was observed in her Updraft, along with a painfully slow equip animation post-dash.

The developer didn’t consider this to be a major bug deserving of a hotfix. Patch 3.09 was expected to mend Jett, but Riot Games has taken mercy on players by fixing her a few days after the bug was observed. 

Pro players support the accidental Jett nerf

Riot Games accidentally nerfed the duelist in Patch 3.08. While many Jett players demanded a hotfix, Valorant pro Tyson “TenZ” Ngo thinks the agent is finally balanced and shouldn’t be fixed. 

The developer said that the bug isn’t significant enough but “spoiled” Jett mains felt held back after the accidental bug. Players often use Jett’s dash to push into enemy’s faces and shoot them down when they’re least expecting it. With the latest nerf, Jett could barely move into sites as her weapon equip made her vulnerable.

It was terrible for Jett players, but the rest of the agents appreciated the nerf. 

Is Jett better than other duelists in Valorant? 

The accidental bug put Jett in the same category as other duelists, who are often picked based on their map specialties. Before the bug, Jett was picked across all maps, thanks to her insanely powerful kit. Her ability to elevate on unusually high angles, surprise enemies and gain map control make her a must-have on all maps. The wind-based agent has been stealing the thunder of other agents, and this new bug finally balanced the duelist meta for a bit. 

However, it was temporary bliss. Jett has returned to her former glory as the developer has rolled out a fix for the slow equip. Players can go back to insta-locking Jett in ranked games and outplaying the rest of the duelists in Valorant.