Riot confirmes investigating EG Danny situation since 2022

By Nicholas James


Mar 13, 2023

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Riot Games is reportedly investigating the Evil Geniuses controversy, with the League of Legends developer allegedly looking into the EG Danny situation.

Earlier this year, allegations began to surface that LCS organization Evil Geniuses had mistreated Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki. Reports from journalists Richard Lewis, Duncan “Thorin” Shields, and Arsh Goyal publicized separate reports that alleged misconduct, incompetence, and systemic issues at Evil Geniuses that resulted in significant mental and physical health issues for Danny. According to reports, Riot Games is investigating the reported issues and has had a third-party law firm involved for months.

Riot Games investigating EG since 2022

It was announced earlier this week that Riot Games was reportedly investigating Evil Geniuses’ treatment of star LCS AD carry Danny. This was first announced by Twitter account LCS Evee, with Goyal noting that Riot Games was likely to have already been investigating Evil Geniuses well before any of the allegations that surfaced in March of 2023. Later that same day, a report from Dexerto’s Luis Mira said that a representative of the LCS had confirmed that Riot Games had already been aware of the circumstances surrounding Danny’s departure.

In the statement given to Mira, the LCS representative was clear that “in late 2022, the LCS enlisted a third-party law firm to investigate the matter, which is ongoing.” This means that Riot Games was made aware of the issues surrounding Danny’s tenure on Evil Geniuses well before the alleged difficulties became public knowledge. Riot Games has a robust and well-documented process of investigating misconduct inside its leagues, issuing Competitive Rulings against members of franchised teams like Andy “Reginald” Dinh of TSM following allegations of bullying.

Fans of the LCS likely won’t hear anything further about the EG Danny situation until Riot Games concludes its ongoing investigation, which does not have a time frame at this moment.


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