Riot announces global RP promotion alongside regional price changes

Christian Vejvad • August 23, 2021 5:49 pm

Regional price changes for RP will be coming to certain countries for both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, and it won’t be getting any cheaper. 

Riot recently announced a set of regional price changes to the in-game currency RP alongside a global RP promotion that will give players the chance to obtain a bit extra RP when purchasing through the client. The countries that are hit with these price changes will see the prices for RP increase starting September 8, as Riot keeps “periodically” evaluating these global prices. 

According to Riot, the changes are being made to account for movements in currency fluctuations, taxation, and regional discrepancies. The company states that these changes can result in both increases and decreases, but this time around the prices will only be going up. 

“This year, we’re making changes to pricing in Brazil, Latin America, Russia, and Turkey,” Riot said. “Before this goes live, we’re doubling the Bonus Currency you get with each purchase from August 23rd to September 8th.”

The upside for players is that Riot will be launching a global RP promotion that will award players who purchase with a double bonus currency. In practice, this means that players will get double the bonus of the extra RP that is usually attached when buying bundles. 

For example, all players that will purchase the 2600 RP bundle when the promotion is active will grant 400 bonus RP instead of the usual 200. When buying the biggest bundle of RP, players are set to receive a bonus of 1400 RP instead of the usual 700. 

These are all the League of Legends and TFT RP price changes: 

  • Brazil – +15% average price increase
  • Chile – +9% average price increase
  • Colombia – +9% average price increase
  • Costa Rica – +9% average price increase
  • Mexico – +10% average price increase
  • Peru – +17% average price increase
  • Russia – +7% average price increase
  • Turkey – +17% average price increase
  • Uruguay – +16% average price increase

If you are considering buying RP in either League of Legends or TFT, make sure to do it when the promotion is still running. Especially if your country is being hit with the price increases that will be instituted on September 8. 


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