Valorant TDM maps

Riot adds three new maps for Valorant TDM

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant has three brand new maps exclusive to the Team Deathmatch mode that allows players to use abilities. 

On June 15, Riot unveiled a brand new game mode called Team Deathmatch, which was previously teased as HURM. The new mode resolves all issues players had with the regular DM. Spawns are quicker, and load-out enables fair play, — but that’s not all. TDM is better than any other game mode in Valorant because of the maps. 

Unlike regular DM, TDM has new maps that are quite similar to CSGO aim practice maps. They are small, tactically designed, and visually pleasant. 

Valorant’s new TDM maps are familiar 

Existing locations have inspired the design and aesthetic of all three maps in Valorant. As predicted in our previous story, Kasbah, Piazza, and District look like unplayable areas out of Bind, Ascent, and Split. Riot has taken inspiration from current maps, and it’s great since old-timers can easily adjust to them. 

The familiar maps are much smaller, but they still comfortably accommodate the 10 players. But, since the game is spawn-based, players won’t have to struggle with dying instantly due to the maps’ small size. Both sides can move at their own pace and still pick aim battles without constantly running into enemies. 

The small maps have boxes and crates placed tactically across the corners to enable flashers. So, if you’re playing to win, opt for agents like Reyna and Skye since they shine on the maps’ unique layout. There are plenty of corners to take cover in, flash out, and take the foe down. 

All three maps are currently only available in the new TDM mode, which is set to enter Valorant in episode 7, slated for July 28. Besides the new mode, Valorant will also welcome the next agent 23, who’s confirmed to be a Sentinel.