Reyna’s abilities revealed ahead of Valorant’s official release

By Olivia Richman


May 31, 2020

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Ever since the front of Reyna’s shoe was revealed in a teaser tweet for Valorant’s June 2 launch, fans of the FPS have been buzzing about the vampire-like agent. 

Valorant officially announced Reyna yesterday with a tweet accompanied by a short video that seemed to show off some of Reyna’s abilities. But Valorant players were left with more questions than answers, with many wondering what those creepy, purple, eyeball-like orbs even did to melt an enemy player. 

Now Valorant fans may have their answer. 

Reyna abilities confirmed by Riot employees after article leak

An article by Millenium started getting shared on Reddit, seemingly explaining what each of Reyna’s abilities were in a bit more detail. 

While Riot themselves hasn’t come out and officially discussed Reyna’s abilities, Riot Game’s Spanish brand manager posted a link to the article on his own Twitter, stating, “I won’t make you suffer anymore. Her abilities are outlined here.” 

Reyna has a passive ability that makes orbs appear over killed enemies. The orbs can be collected with Q to gain three seconds of regeneration. Reyna can also choose to collect the orb with E, making Reyna become invulnerable instead. While invulnerable, Reyna won’t be able to shoot. 

Her C ability blinds enemies, a popular ability in Valorant since it resembles a flash bang in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This often lets teams push forward with less trouble. 

Reyna’s ultimate, Empress, heals Reyna up completely when she gets a kill. Enemies are also outlined in red and she has a combat stim. The duration refreshes upon getting another kill. While using Empress, Q grants overheal on top of regeneration and E grants invisibility. 

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Many Valorant fans have already expressed concern with her possible kit. With no utility and heavy reliance on her getting the final hit on fallen enemies, players believe she’ll be a pub stomper more than an agent used in competitive play. 

This was later confirmed by another Riot employee, who tweeted that Reyna is a “feast or famine” agent focused on getting frags. 

He described her as a duelist, tweeting that Reyna has the potential to “pop off like nobody else.” 

“Reyna has the potential to pop-off like no one else, avoiding being traded on or healing so you have to beat her square-up each time. If she doesn’t get kills, though, she’s bad. Like, near-useless. You’re making a big bet picking Reyna,” Riot Morello explained. 


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