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Valorant reveals new agent Reyna, along with new map

by | May 30, 2020

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Reyna’s attitude and glowing purple hands may be familiar to Sombra mains, but Valorant’s 11th agent has nothing else in common with the Overwatch hero. 

Hailing from Mexico, Reyna has a unique kit revolving around vampire-like abilities. Valorant’s short trailer showed her draining nearby enemies of their health, but not much else was revealed besides a few badass voice lines.

“They’re dead and I’m still hungry,” Reyna proclaims at the end of the short compilation. 

By studying the announcement clip, it seems as though she gains various bonuses after using her abilities to destroy her enemies, including a combat stim and healing. It’s not yet clear if she will be able to heal herself or aid other agents on her team, or if she is an agent that is better at individual playmaking. 

Another mystery in the trailer is the use of an ominous glowing purple orb. It’s impossible to tell exactly what the eery orb does to enemies, but it’s definitely strong enough to stop enemy agents in their tracks. Some Valorant fans are speculating that she gains power of some sort from fallen opponents. 

Her ultimate is called Empress. But the short clip didn’t reveal what that ability entails just yet. 

Reyna was first hinted at in a hype video released on Valorant’s Brazil channel on YouTube. Despite a dark shadow obscuring fans’ views, many made out her purple glow and arm tattoos. This teaser led to the hashtag #ReynaIsHere on Valorant’s Latin American Twitter. 

Desafie seus limites // Trailer de Gameplay - VALORANT será lançado em 2 de Junho

While Valorant is officially being released to the public on June 2, developers haven’t stated if Reyna will already be available or if she is coming out on a later date. Until then, fans will just have to continue wondering what her kit includes and how effective she will be in competitive Valorant matches. 

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Valorant teases new map ahead of June launch

The short trailer also revealed different sections of a new map. It’s still unclear how the map looks overall, but most closed beta participants will be relieved to have another map after playing on the same three for the past few months. 

Some Valorant players have noticed similarities between the new map and the training level, meaning this could be the map that was teased through the rift in the sky in that area. 

So far, Valorant’s big reveal has led to more questions than answers. But those answers are just around the corner, since Valorant is dropping in three days. 

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