Rework of next LoL champion Rell supposedly leaked ahead of release

By Nicholas James


Oct 31, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Rell, The Iron Maiden, is one of the next champions in League of Legends to receive a gameplay update, and details of the Rell Rework appear to have leaked on Twitter early.

In a series of unconfirmed screenshots posted to Twitter on October 30, 2022, a possible new version of Rell’s kit was revealed. The screenshots were quickly deleted, but many fans think this is the first glimpse at Rell’s new form.

Rell rework possibly leaked on Twitter

Rell has long suffered in League of Legends as a feast-or-famine support pick, who requires significantly more setup and support than similarly tanky champions, needing allies to get the most out of her kit. Riot Games has said it will look to make Rell feel more straightforward and consistent when reworking her abilities, so when screenshots depicting a possible incarnation of Rell’s kit leaked on Twitter, many fans figure it was a sneak peek at Rell’s new abilities.

Rell’s Q has stayed the same, with her thrusting her lance in front of herself to damage and slow enemies, as well as removing shields. Her W, previously her stance-swapping mount and dismount mechanic, has been changed to a speed boost that grants a shield to a nearby ally after a small duration. This would keep mounted Rell as her base form, rather than constantly swapping back and forth.

Rell’s E has changed as well, no longer requiring to be paired with an ally in other to crowd control enemies. The new Magnetic Overload on the alleged Rell rework would move a toned-down version of her ultimate onto a basic ability, pulling enemies along with her before stunning anyone caught inside her vortex after one second.

Finally, Rell’s new ultimate would be her form swap, with her first cast sending her slamming into the ground and knocking up enemies. Once dismounted, Rell would be able to reactive the ultimate to send a pillar of metal in front of herself, knocking enemies up and behind her. After using this portion of her Ultimate, Rell would remount and gain her mounted bonus stats, returning to her cavalry stance.

The veracity of these screenshots is unconfirmed, but it does seem like a plausible direction for Riot Games to take in order to modernize the Ferromancy-wielding support for the Rell rework.


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