Regidrago returns to Pokemon Go, here’s how to beat it

By Melany Moncada


Jul 27, 2023

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Regidrago is returning to Pokemon Go as a Tier 5 Raid Battle boss. This is a limited-time event that you cannot miss.

Regidrago is a Legendary Pokemon from the Galar region and a member of the Legendary Titans. Regidrago made its Pokemon Go debut back in March and then returned in May. As a Legendary Pokemon, Regidrago is only available through Raid Battles.

Regidrago will appear in Tier 5 Raid Battle encounters through August 4, 2023. It is impossible to predict whether it will return again in 2023 or not. The original release for this Pokemon experienced delays due to a variety of issues. Seeing it for a third time might be Pokemon Go’s way to make it up to players for the lost time.

Regidrago weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Tier 5 is the highest level in Raid Battles. Pokemon on this tier, usually Legendary, are not easy to take. Unlike a Tier 1 Raid Battle that can be taken by one player, Tier 5 battles require at least four players of the highest level.

Once all players are accounted for, it is time to think about what team to bring to the battle. Regidrago is a Dragon type, making it vulnerable to Dragon, Fairy, and Ice type attacks. This is an important distinction to make. A Pokemon could be from a different type but have a Fairy and Ice attack.

As usual, the highest the CP, the better. You want a Pokemon that can endure the battle since Regidrago is not an easy opponent.

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Mamoswine, with two Ice type attacks, is the best contender against Regidrago. This Pokemon usually has a high CP, making it a sturdy opponent.


Fight fire with fire or in this case, a Legendary with a Legendary. Rayquaza with Dragon type attacks can bring damage to the team. If you don’t have a Rayquaza, consider Salamance, Dragonite, or Garchomp.


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