How do you find Cosmog in Pokemon Go?

By Melany Moncada


Jun 24, 2023

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When it comes to rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Cosmog is high on the list. If you are looking to get your hands on it, here is how to get Cosmog in Pokemon Go.

Cosmog is a Legendary Pokemon from the Alola region. It is a Psychic type that evolves into Cosmoem. The final evolution of the line will depend on what time of the day you decide to evolve it. A Cosmoem evolved during the daytime will evolve into Solgaleo while one evolved during the night will turn into Lunala.

Cosmog made its Pokemon Go debut in September 2022 with the start of Season of Light.

How to find Cosmog in Pokemon Go

Legendary Pokemon, even in their pre-evolution forms, are some of the rarest Pokemon in the game. Finding them, sometimes, is just a matter of luck.

Cosmog is no exception — this Pokemon is not available in the wild, through eggs, or as a Raid Boss. It is also not available through Field Research.

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The only way to find Cosmog is through Special Research or Timed Research. These are researches that only become available during a specific time.

Cosmog has been featured in two Special Research events so far, A Cosmic Companion and Starry Skies. These Special Research might be open for you in the game. Check the Special Research tab and make sure one of these two is there.

If you are doing A Cosmic Companion, you only need to complete the first part of the research to unlock Cosmog. In the case of Starry Skies, you must complete all four parts of the research to receive a Cosmog as a reward.

Once you have a Cosmog, the best option is to set it as your buddy and take it on several walks. You will need a total of 125 candies to take it from Cosmog into its final version.


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