Recon bundle crashes Valorant market, store disabled by Riot

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has disabled the Valorant store just two days after delivering brand new bundle Recon. 

Valorant hadn’t received an update to its skin collection in a while so when Riot Games finally broke the spell and rolled out Recon, players naturally went wild with their Valorant Points. It seems that the store has crashed due to heavy traffic, prompting the developer to shut off the store temporarily. 

Riot Games recently released a bombshell skin collection, “Sentinels of Light,” in collaboration with League of Legends. However, a delay saw Sakura, an older skin set, return to the market. The Recon bundle came as a blessing for players eagerly waiting for a new collection to add to their inventory. The camouflage cosmetics are perfectly minimal and include a unique melee. 

Recon isn’t as lavish as Sentinels of Lights but players are jumping to shop the skins due to its butterfly knife. Valorant has never had a butterfly style melee, and players have been requesting one since Riot teased it in Yoru’s first look. Naturally, Recon collection blew up among the players, driving heavy traffic to the store. 

Riot Games turns off due to bug after heavy traffic

Soon after the release, many players reported a weird issue upon shopping that deducted their payments without delivering the knife. An “order timeout” error pops up after paying for the new bundle, taking the 7,100 VP from players. While the reason behind the error is unknown, it’s likely due to the many players attempting to buy the new skins.

As a result, the developer has now locked the market until the issue has been resolved. Riot Games has promised that those hit by the bug will either get their skins or get refunded. However, those waiting to buy the skins will now have to wait as it seems Riot Games has run out of stylish butterfly knives. 

How much is the Recon bundle in Valorant? 

The camouflage-themed Recon bundle comes at a premium price of 7100 Valorant points. Players can shop each skin for 1,775 VP, whereas the melee costs 3550 VP. 

The minimal bundle is available for Spectre, Ghost, Guardian, and Phantom. The skins will stay in the market for two weeks before getting replaced with a new bundle in Episode 3, Act 2.