Razork on LEC game against Excel: “We’re going to stomp them”

By Lee Jones


Jun 21, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

After taking down Astralis in their opening game of the 2023 LEC Summer split, we spoke with Fnatic jungler Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz to get his thoughts on the upcoming split, the additions of Noah and Trymbi, and his personal opinion on his mid/jungle synergy with Humanoid.

WIN.gg: How important was it to start the split with a win, given the short regular season turnaround?

Razork: The goal right now is to secure the top eight and be able to fight for the playoffs, of course. But afterward, we just want to win everything, I think. We need to make at least the top three to go to Worlds because we had a really rough Winter and Spring split, so we are not going to be satisfied just doing okay in the regular split. 

We want to keep improving and keep playing well. This win is very important, of course, but we need to keep working on a lot of stuff.

You said the goal, for now, is to make the top eight, but you’ve also been very vocal about your belief in Fnatic being able to win the split. Realistically, how confident are you in being able to claim a LEC title?

I say it based on the results that we were having in scrims. You never know how the split is going to develop. But I’m very confident in my team. I actually enjoy playing with the a lot, and I think that we are capable of winning the split, for sure. Realistically – not just saying it for saying it.

With Rekkles leaving as the most senior player on the roster, who fulfills leadership duties in the team?

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Trymbi is taking a lot of responsibility, I think he has a lot of experience. Afterward, I think either Humanoid or me, we are kind of shifting that role depending on who’s stronger in the game or who’s more activated. But I think everyone’s talking actively, and I would say the “father” of the team is Trymbi, but we all have our own roles in the voice chat.

The coordination of your mid/jungle duo with Humanoid has been questioned in the past, what are your thoughts on your synergy?

I never thought my synergy with Humanoid was bad. I felt like sometimes we were kind of doing some coinflip stuff because a game was looking really bad. So, in the end, we are the ones looking silly or like we are trolling. But I never felt like Humanoid, and I are a really unsynchronised mid/jungle or anything. I feel comfortable playing with him, I think he thinks the same about me, so we don’t care what people from the outside think.

What are your thoughts on the additions of Noah and Trymbi in the bot lane?

For me, it’s really positive to see these players play together, honestly. I’m very happy to play with Trymbi so far, and Noah is very funny and very mechanically gifted. He’s learning a lot every day, and he’s also really hungry to win. So that motivates me and everyone else to actually win, you know, and keep improving.

Lastly, what are your expectations going up against Excel next?

Well, I think we’re going to stomp them.


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