Rare Sudden Death mechanic in Clash makes a team lose a game

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The intensity in League of Legends Clash tournaments can be high and some losses are heavier than others. But this loss probably stings the most, as a team recently lost to a Sudden Death mechanic that most people probably didn’t even know existed. 

In a recent clip that went viral, a team lost an unfortunate Clash match due to the Sudden Death mechanic that makes sure that very long Clash games will come to an end. This mechanic has been put in the game to avoid big delays in Clash tournaments, but this time the mechanic didn’t come in too handy. 

Sudden Death mechanic causes surprise loss in League of Legends Clash

In this clip, the game had dragged out for well over 60 minutes with the red side finally looking to end the game after a big teamfight. As the team is running down the mid lane to kill the final structures, the Sudden Death countdown starts, making the red-side Nexus damage itself. Right before the team is able to finish the game on the other end of the map, the red Nexus destroys itself and completely turns the game on its head.   

This was the absolute worst way to experience the rare Sudden Death mechanic, which ended up losing red-side the game despite being one single auto-attack away from finishing the game in a traditional way. On the other side, the blue-side got a very unexpected win that will probably go down as one of the craziest games for the players. 

For the Sudden Death mechanic to appear, a Clash game has to go on for longer than 60 minutes. This will have towers, inhibitors, and at last, the Nexus slowly destroys itself to guarantee that the game ends soon. In this example, the red-side team only had the Nexus standing which meant that it was taking damage directly while the opposing team still had towers left on the map. 

The five players on the red side eventually had to leave the game as losers and likely had their Clash run unexpectedly ruined by this rare mechanic. 


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