Rare bomb spawn glitch hits pro CSGO game in double overtime

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The infamous bomb spawn glitch may be rare, but it has now affected a pro CSGO match deep into overtime.

The ugly glitch has reared its head at the European Regional Major Rankings event. During a crucial round being played between pro teams Eternal Fire and Dignitas, the bomb simply failed to spawn at the beginning of the round. The glitch occurred during a very important match that would determine which team could qualify for the Antwerp Major in May, which is the next CSGO Major. While rare, the bomb spawn glitch can greatly affect the outcome of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match.

The timing for the bomb spawn glitch couldn’t have been worse. Eternal Fire and Dignitas were deep into double overtime on Vertigo with a scoreline of 20:19. Eternal Fire was two rounds away from tucking away the game and advancing to the top 12. By losing the bomb before the round event started, the Turkish roster could only kill all of Dignitas’ players to win the round. Eternal Fire was able to do so before eventually winning the game.

What is the bomb spawn glitch in CSGO?

The bomb spawn glitch is a rare but impactful bug that prevents the bomb from spawning at the start of a new round.

The exact cause of the glitch is not entirely known as it appears to occur entirely at random. Some players have theorized that it has to do with the map type. In theory, the game briefly switches to warm up during the start of the affected round. It tends to happen right after a side switch, which further supports the theory. But as demonstrated in the video below, it can also happen well into halves of play. 

While rare, this isn’t the first time that the bomb glitch has affected a pro CSGO match. The exact same glitch happened to Eternal Fire in a match versus GamerLegion in early March. The fact that it has happened twice to Eternal Fire in such a short span may give a clue as to what causes it. All we know is that instead of giving the Ts a chance to hide the bomb, it effectively turns CSGO into a deathmatch. For now, the cause of the CSGO bomb spawn glitch remains a mystery to everyone.