Quincy Crew, beastcoast headline Omega League Americas playoffs

By Steven Rondina


Aug 27, 2020

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The group stage to the Omega League Americas Divine division has wrapped up and the event’s top teams are largely moving forward.

Quincy Crew, 4 Zoomers, Thunder Predator, and beastcoast have secured upper bracket starts in the playoffs. There will also be a play-in stage to determine the two teams that will compete in the lower bracket.

The scheduled matchups for the Omega League Americas Divine division include:

  • Play-In: business associates vs. Omega Gaming
  • Play-In: Infamous vs. Boonz and Goonz 
  • Upper bracket playoffs: Quincy Crew vs. beastcoast
  • Upper bracket playoffs: 4 Zoomers vs. Thunder Predator

The play-in stage will be contested on August 27. Quincy Crew vs. beastcoast will take place the next day on August 28, while 4 Zoomers vs. Thunder Predator takes place on August 29.

There were few surprises in the group stage of the Omega League Americas Divine division. Quincy Crew has taken full advantage of Evil Geniuses taking a break in recent weeks and then competing in Europe in the Omega League, continuing to assert its dominance over the rest of the North American scene by going 4-0 in its group. Nico “Gunnar” Lopez’s 4 Zoomers has firmly established itself as the third-best team on the continent and took second in the North American group.

In the South American group, the two best teams in the region continued to cruise as Thunder Predator and beastcoast each went 3-1. Thunder Predator came out on the wrong end of the two teams’ showdown in the round robin, but beastcoast couldn’t complete a perfect run with a loss to Infamous.

Surprise teams in Omega League Americas flop badly

Though the upper echelons of the Omega League Americas Divine division is largely made up of familiar faces, the league featured a number of newcomers that were given an opportunity to shine on what should be Dota 2’s grandest stage of 2020. Alas, none of them could capitalize on that opportunity.

In both groups the interesting newcomers were absolutely thrashed by the more established teams, with few silver linings to be found.

The Team Brasil squad led by Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel went 0-4 in its group and won’t even be competing in the playoffs. Even worse was collegiate team Pace University, which went 0-4 and failed to pick up a single map during the round robin.

The action still isn’t over for either team, as they will be competing in the playoffs to Americas Ancient Division.


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