Quin69 ban

Quin69 banned from Twitch again, here’s what he did

By Olivia Richman


Feb 17, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Controversial Twitch streamer Quintin “Quin69” Crawford has been suspended from Twitch after showing a weapon on stream.

Quin69 showed off his new BB-gun on stream earlier this week, flashing it casually during the broadcast. This goes against Twitch’s Terms of Service, which state that brandishing a lethal or harmful weapon on stream isn’t allowed. It lists guns, knives, and explosives. While streamers can go to a shooting range, simply flashing a weapon is against community guidelines.

It has not been confirmed if this is the actual reason for Quin69’s ban. Neither the streamer nor Twitch has offered any public information on the situation thus far. Quin69 has joked about the situation seeming to not take the suspension too seriously.

Quin69 banned previously for sexist remarks

Quin69 is no stranger to getting suspended from Twitch so it’s unclear how long he will be off the platform this time around. He was banned from Twitch in the past few months after making offensive comments that were seen as “victim-blaming” in January.

Quin69 received backlash for stating that women were “asking to get sexually assaulted” by wearing short shorts. He stuck to his opinion, however, saying that seeing “underbutt” is a sexual message to men. He said that how women dress is “one of the variables” of getting assaulted.

Just a few days later, Quin69 was banned from Twitch after calling a woman “breedable” during a live broadcast. He also spent time discussing how women who have sex with minors are not as bad because boys have high sex drives. These two topics made a lot of people uncomfortable but it’s uncertain what brought about this latest ban.