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PSG Talon wear VCS badges to honor absent players from Vietnam

By Nicholas James


Oct 1, 2021

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PSG Talon has announced its intent to wear a VCS badge in honor of players from the Vietnamese professional league who were unable to attend Worlds 2021.

Vietnamese players who had qualified for the World Championship will not be able to compete at the biggest League of Legends event of the year. Due to national public health policies, the VCS could not leave the country.

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GAM Esports, one of the teams absent from Worlds 2021

PSG Talon, a PCS representative at the World Championship, is showing solidarity with its missing minor region competitors. The organization took to Twitter to announce its plan to pay homage to the competitors stuck in Vietnam.

As a part of the statement, PSG Talon thanks the Vietnamese fan base for their support during MSI, where PSG finished top four.

The PCS team was an upset qualifier to the Knockout Stage, and other minor region fans flocked to cheer its praises. This support in the PCS’ best international showing clearly meant a lot and PSG Talon intends to return the favor. As a part of its attendance at Worlds 2021, the PSG Talon roster has obtained permission to wear the VCS Champions badge on its jerseys.

Will Vietnamese teams missing at Worlds change the event?

The noted Vietnamese absence at Worlds has already affected the tournament’s structure. Rogue has been automatically promoted into the Group stage, and Play-ins involve two groups, much lower than normal. In addition, the VCS will have its own Winter Split, the first of its kind. Vietnamese players won’t be lacking for League of Legends to watch over the next few months.

The World Championship begins on October 5, where PSG Talon hopes to make its VCS brethren proud in Play-Ins.


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