PSG.LGD vs Team Spirit Dota PIT Invitational betting analysis

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Make the Dota PIT grand finals even more exciting with a wager on the reigning major champs or a rising underdog challenger.

The last massive Dota 2 tournament before The International 10 is coming to a close. Chinese juggernaut PSG.LGD will face Eastern European TI10 qualifier Team Spirit in a best-of-five series. The Dota PIT champion will earn $114,500, nearly double the second-place prize. Both teams want to end the Dota PIT Invitational on a high note and get some momentum for TI10 in the grand final. Can Team Spirit end its underdog run with a bang? Or will the Chinese AniMajor champion take it home in the end?

PSG.LGD Dota PIT Invitational betting analysis

The reigning major champions are a clear favorite for this grand final best-of-five. is only offering 1.39 odds for PSG.LGD to take it home. Superstar carry Wang “Ame” Chunyu has averaged a 6.60 KDA with 734 XPM, the fastest experience gain of any player at Dota PIT. His damage-focused Clinkz build has become the terror of the tournament. Add in a 12.25 assist average on soft support Zhao “XinQ” Zixing, and the low odds for PSG.LGD make a lot of sense.

PSG.LGD’s run to the final is marked by a player substitution. Legendary coach Zhang “xiao8” Ning is still standing in for Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang. xiao8 has the difficult task of filling in for the best mid laner in the world, but he’s done a decent job so far. LGD still placed second at ESL Fall Bootcamp last month. That substitution hurts PSG.LGD’s chances at Dota PIT, but the Chinese squad made it this far for a reason. 

Team Spirit Dota PIT Invitational betting analysis

Despite the tall order facing them in the grand finals, you shouldn’t count Team Spirit out. The Russian-Ukrainian team rocked the boat at the EEU TI10 qualifier by beating out Gambit, Natus Vincere, and other favorites. That history of upsets could continue at Dota PIT Invitational. All five of Spirit’s players have been training hard in preparation for their first foray at The International. A $100 bet on Spirit earns $275 on

Team Spirit’s style centers around its carry and mirrors PSG.LGD’s own default strategy. The squad’s win over PSG.LGD at ESL One Fall featured a post-7.30 nerfed Terrorblade piloted to perfection by Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk. The 18-year-old carry player has averaged 761 GPM and 535.42 last hits, a massive step above any other player. If that greed is put to good use, Team Spirit could walk away from the Dota PIT Invitational grand final with $114,500 in its pocket.

Team Spirit vs PSG.LGD Dota PIT Invitational betting analysis

These teams played each other recently at ESL One Fall Bootcamp Edition. There, PSG.LGD took the series 2-1 over Spirit. All three games were close, especially a decider that ended with a kill score of 33-30 in favor of LGD. Spirit is completely outmatched on paper, but the insane late-game potential of Yatoro will keep Spirit in contention until the very last fight.

The most likely scorelines are either 3-1 in favor of PSG.LGD or 3-2 for Team Spirit. The safest bet is still on PSG.LGD, but Spirit has the potential to pull a major upset. If you want to bet from Ame and Yatoro’s perspective, a rampage in any game can earn an 11-fold return. If you still believe this match is truly too close to call, a wager for the series to reach five games can earn triple your stake on


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