PSG.LGD to represent Jissbon condoms in bizarre sponsorship

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PSG.LGD has quietly added a condoms producer to its sponsorship list.

New promotional images have emerged for a partnership between Dota 2 team PSG.LGD and Jissbon condoms. The Chinese sexual wellness brand appears to have sponsored the reigning DPC Major champions based on advertisements featuring the five players. This marks the first time a professional Dota 2 team has been sponsored by a condom company.

The full extent of the Jissbon sponsorship is not yet known, but it will most likely involve logo placement on PSG.LGD uniforms. It is also not clear if this partnership applies to the entire LGD esports organization or solely to the Dota 2 team. The esports crowd is generally young, so it makes sense that such a company would use gaming to promote its products. The image below was reportedly taken from Jissbon’s official Taobao page

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Jissbon claims to be the leading sexual health and awareness company in China, growing as much as 20% over the last three years. Considering the younger age of the average esports fans, this seems like a good way to appeal to their target audience.

PSG.LGD adds condoms to massive sponsor list

Jissbon condoms joins a growing list of companies partnered with PSG.LGD.

  • Betway
  • EPOS
  • Jissbon
  • Monster Energy
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • TUMI

PSG.LGD’s biggest sponsor is French football club Paris Saint-Germain. The Dota 2 division signed a landmark title partnership deal in April 2018. Many of LGD’s sponsorships are connected to esports’ role as entertainment for the younger generation. EPOS makes high-end gaming headsets, Monster makes energy drinks, and TUMI makes luggage and bags meant to combine fashion and utility. 

Considering PSG.LGD’s current undefeated record in the Dota Pro Circuit Spring tour, all are likely satisfied with their investment. The team will be the favorite to win the next tour of the season, and is almost a slam dunk to qualify for the first major of the season.