Pronax sends alarming tweets from hospital, updates fans

By Olivia Richman


Aug 24, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Markus “Pronax” Wallsten alarmed his followers when he sent out a string of concerning tweets late Sunday night. 

On August 23, Pronax tweeted that he “needed help” after his coworkers had “invented lies” about him, resulting in him needing a lawyer to get out of a mental hospital. 

The following tweet from Pronax explained that the “same thing” had happened to him last year when his coworkers and family found out he was going to file a report to the police. 

“I need help at psychiatric emergency Malmö,” a third tweet said. “If there is a kind soul out there, I have told people that I should go to the police. The idea was to do that on the 25th when I go to Stockholm. Their answer is to try to force me into the psyche ward,” Pronax tweeted. 

These tweets, some of which have since been deleted, didn’t do much to shed light on the specifics of the concerning situation. Many fans were still unsure what exactly Pronax was going to report to the police in 2019 or on August 25 in Stockholm. 

Still, his followers reassured him that he couldn’t be put into a mental hospital against his will unless he was suicidal or a risk to others, according to Sweden’s Compulsory Care Act. Others noted that people with mental problems will often believe there’s a conspiracy against them. The CSGO community continued to speculate the situation on social media, debating if Pronax was actually being forced into a mental hospital maliciously or if he was experiencing paranoia. 

Pronax updates fans after concerning tweets

Earlier this morning, Pronax finally returned to social media. This time he tweeted in English, stating that last night was “stressful.” He thanked “the real ones” for supporting him through the experience and said he would tell his story eventually. 

The CSGO community replied with support for the Counter-Strike veteran. 


Pronax CSGO help

Pronax had a very successful CSGO career, including leading Fnatic to three Major championships. In 2016, Pronax left Fnatic to form his own organization, GODSENT, where he played as in-game leader. The organization ceased operations in the summer of 2018. The following year, Pronax managed GODSENT’s CSGO team when they merged with The Final Tribe in September. 

More recently, Pronax hasn’t been very active on social media, mostly retweeting what GODSENT and its players are up to here and there. That made it all the more concerning when the tweets asking for help popped up on his followers’ Twitter feeds. 


GODSENT co-foudner has released a public statement with the permission of Pronax’s family after the breakdown Sunday night. Henrik Denebrandt stated that Pronax has been temporarily removed from all duties at GODSENT in order to focus on his mental health. Pronax remains a shareholder, Denebrandt said, but currently has no involvement with the company for the time being.

According to Denebrandt, GODSENT is working closely with Pronax’s family to get him professional help. The family has asked for privacy during this “difficult time.”