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Pro player s1mple praises underrated CS2 feature

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 22, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It seems CS2 is finally growing on legendary player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev as he finally praises an in-game feature.

s1mple had a strong opinion about CS2 when it was released in September. He called it a “sh-t” game and asked players not to play it for at least three months. Soon after, he announced his competitive break, which many speculated had something to do with CS2 being poorly optimized. But it seems player speculations were wrong. S1mple is once again playing CS2, and he seems to like it.

On a recent stream, s1mple noted how this simple and small feature in CS2 could have a greater impact on the game. In CS2, the grenade notifications are clearer, allowing players to keep track of utility and movement across the map.

In CSGO, on-screen utility notifications were tough to follow. All text was in white color, making it tricky for players to check for utility updates mid-duel. In order to understand where the movement happened, a player must read the full sentence. However, CS2 allows players to work with color cues.

CS2 utility text is easier to understand

In CS2, the utility tosser’s name appears in power blue, the location appears in the middle in neon green color, and the utility title is different for each grenade. HE is red, Flashbang is white, Incendiary is yellow, and Smoke is light green.

This color variation would allow players to quickly peek at the notifications and go back to their duels.

It’s a convenient update that may appear minor on paper but would significantly impact gameplay. Especially, as s1mple mentions, this feature would let you know who’s team-flashing.

“It’s actually pretty cool. Now I’ll finally understand who’s ruining games for us,” s1mple says.

Often, teammates would toss a bad flash and blame it on the enemy because no one is going to bother and double-check the notifications to confirm. That would change in CS2.