Pop heads in style with the best Deagle skins in CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 21, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

The Desert Eagle is an icon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. From the legendary Juan Deag to mishaps at the majors, the Deagle is a gun of highlights and lowlights.

Nothing feels better than beating an AWPer at their own game, and nothing feels worse than emptying a clip without a kill. No matter how your peaks go, you can always appreciate having a fancy skin for your premium pistol. Here are the five best Deagle skins in CSGO for various budgets.

The best Deagle skins in all of CSGO

The Deagle is a budget option in CSGO, usually reserved for eco rounds or a high-risk play in pistol rounds. True to that reputation, Desert Eagle skins tend to be considerably cheaper than workhorse rifles like the AK-47, the M4A4, or the M4A1-S

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5. Corinthian ($0.43)

The Revolver case isn’t super popular, but the Desert Eagle | Corinthian is a great pull for a blue. The etched bronze pattern has plenty of details to discover. CSGO has never done a solid gold Deagle skin, so the Corinthian is the best players can get. It doesn’t cost a fortune either, with Factory New Corinthians selling for just 43 cents on the market.

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4. Conspiracy ($7)

Moving up to the $5 to $10 dollar ranges opens up a ton of Deagle skins, but the Conspiracy is the best in the budget range. This wrap from the Breakout collection is surprisingly cheap at just $7 in mint condition. The Breakout case is a popular mass opening choice since it contains Butterfly Knives, making the rest of the skins fairly cheap. The understated matte black finish is broken up by a gold streak running underneath the barrel.

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3. Ocean Drive ($76)

The Ocean Drive is a considerable price jump from the Conspiracy, but a low float is definitely worth springing for on this Deagle skin. A red from the Operation Riptide case, the Ocean Drive is a chaotic mix of neon colors and patterns. The skin more than doubles in price from Minimal Wear to Factory New, which goes for around $76 these days. A lightly-used one sells for just $30.

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2. Printstream ($115)

The Printstream is a favorite on the M4A1-S, and the famous pearlescent finish is the exact same on the Desert Eagle. Printstream Deagle skins are one of the best pallettes for stickers and are a favorite among pro CSGO players. Those two facts drive the price of a Factory New Desert Eagle | Printstream up to $115.

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1. Fennec Fox ($300)

One of the most expensive Deagle skins in all of CSGO is also one of the most recent. The Fennec Fox is a pink from the 2021 Mirage Collection that dropped with Operation Riptide. Cute skins are rare in CSGO, even more so on the meanest pistol in the buy menu. Even including souvenirs, this skin is still in low supply. Potential tradeups for an AWP | Desert Hydra keep the price high at $300 for Factory New

Blaze is the most expensive Deagle skin in CSGO

As for the most expensive Deagle skin in CSGO, the Desert Eagle | Blaze costs $507 on the community market for Factory New quality. It’s a favorite of collectors and crafters, as its simple design leaves tons of room for cool sticker combinations.

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The Deagle Blaze is from the Dust collection, which has no case and does not appear in competitive matchmaking. The only way to get Dust skins is to get one as a rank-up reward. Considering how rare rank-up rewards are and how Dust is only one of many collections, Blazes are hard to come by. Even trading up to Blazes is risky since there are two other purple skins in the collection. All those factors, plus its sick flame pattern, make the Blaze the most expensive Deagle skin in CSGO.