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Pokimane begins her new Tesla car giveaway, here’s how to enter

By Olivia Richman


Feb 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Imane “Pokimane” Anys has gone through a lot of drama in 2022 but has generally remained a source of positivity in the streaming community. Now, the successful streamer is giving away a brand new Tesla car.

Pokimane had a rough start to 2022. A hate raid left her too distraught to continue streaming as trolls harassed her and her viewers. Then Pokimane was mocked for her natural appearance and attacked with death threats on Twitter. Pokimane has continued streaming despite these setbacks.

Pokimane teased a car giveaway earlier in the year to thank her fans for their continued support and to celebrate her Twitch career continuing. Now Pokimane has revealed all the details.

How to enter the Pokimane car giveaway

Pokimane shared her car giveaway earlier today. The car she plans to give to one lucky fan is a brand new Tesla. All participants have to do is retweet, follow, and comment, which is the usual Twitter giveaway criteria.

Pokimane added in a follow-up tweet that she would add up to $33,000 to the giveaway to cover the winner’s taxes. This sparked a lot of love for Pokimane, but also horror from Twitter users who didn’t realize that governments could take that much money in these types of sweepstake situations.

Pokimane also provided an official document with all of the giveaway rules and details. Along with the typical information, some fans noticed that the giveaway was only for people who lived in the United States or the District of Columbia. This disappointed her international fans, who felt a bit left out as a result. But others pointed out that it would be additional difficulties imposed by trying to give a car away abroad.

Pokimane’s Tesla car giveaway ends March 2.


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