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Pokimane to remain on Twitch, announces big giveaway

By Olivia Richman


Feb 8, 2022

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Imane “Pokimane” Anys has finally revealed the “next chapter” of her career.

The popular female streamer announced last month that her Twitch contract had officially ended. At the time, Pokimane said that she would return in February with an update on her “next chapter.” This had fans speculating that Pokimane might follow some other top streamers and head to YouTube.

Now, Pokimane has told her fans that she plans to stick to Twitch. At least, for the time being.

Pokimane doing car giveaway after Twitch announcement

Pokimane tweeted on February 8 that she wanted to make an announcement about her career. The update was that Pokimane will be remaining on Twitch “as always.”

While the news was not the most exciting or surprising, Pokimane decided to spice things up with a massive new giveaway celebrating her reveal. Pokimane told fans that she will be giving away a new car. The tweet was accompanied with photos of Pokimane sitting on a sleek white car, likely the very one she is giving away to fans.

“Giveaway details will be posted in the next few days!! Thank you guys for your support, it makes me forever want to give back,” Pokimane tweeted.

Pokimane had a rough start to 2022, but her luck turned around quickly due at least in part to the support of her fans. After experiencing a hate raid, the streamer’s community and the streaming community at large rallied behind Pokimane to condemn the sexism and harassment that she continued to face. The original source of the hate raid, JiDion, ended up apologizing to her.


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