Pokimane and OTV wade into hot tub stream meta with Amouranth

By Olivia Richman


May 10, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Hot tub streams are the new Twitch meta. So much so that even OfflineTV has decided to do one. This triggered OnlyFans model and streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa to bring up the fact that she is, indeed, the first streamer to use a hot tub during a broadcast. And she wants everyone to know about it.

Back in March, controversial streamer Jenelle “indiefoxx” Dagres called Amouranth “scum” for copying the content of her streams. This included mid-stream outfit changes and lounging in hot tubs. indiefoxx called Amouranth’s allegedly blatant copying “shameless.” But Amouranth didn’t stay quiet. She shared a screenshot of indiefoxx calling Amouranth’s content “too sexy” in 2017, showing that Amouranth was being suggestive on Twitch long before indiefoxx was and painting indiefoxx in a hypocritical light. 

“Also I’d like to file a patent for streaming over 360 hours a month, sleep streams on a bean bag, and the question mark,” Amouranth sarcastically added.

The silly controversy had many in the community rolling their eyes. Most Just Chatting streamers have very similar content, which can include bathing suits, ASMR, dancing, yoga, and cosplay. But Amouranth is never one to shy away from controversy, especially if it means even more attention for her OnlyFans account

Amouranth decided to bring up the beef again when the biggest female streamer on Twitch, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, announced that her friends at OfflineTV were doing a birthday hot tub stream with her. This was the perfect opportunity for Amouranth to again take the spotlight with some cheeky humor. 

Amouranth responded to Pokimane’s tweet with an exact copy of indiefoxx’s tweet from the March argument. The copied tweet mockingly called Pokimane “disgusting” for copying another streamer’s content “verbatim.” Amouranth did seem to make it clear by the end that she was only joking.

Pokimane announces OfflineTV hot tub stream

The “hot tub meta” has been a topic of controversy at Twitch for months and not only between Amouranth and indiefoxx. The entirety of the streaming community has called on Twitch to do something about the growing trend on their platform. But Twitch representatives have already responded quite flippantly, stating that viewers can simply “not watch” content if they don’t like it. 

One of those Twitch critics was actually Pokimane herself. The variety streamer said that Twitch was not making it clear enough what is allowed on their platform and what isn’t as inconsistent bans continue. 

Despite this critique, Pokimane has apparently been planning a hot tub stream of her own. She tweeted on May 8 that she will be doing a hot tub stream for her birthday, featuring OfflineTV members like LilyPichu and DisguisedToast. 

Pokimane’s OTV hot tub stream is sure to shake up the Twitch community even more. Not only is she one of the most popular female Twitch streamers on the platform, but she is inviting many popular friends to join her. This includes some male friends. This hot tub stream will be unlike any other and may be a little more wholesome than those typically seen on the streaming platform. 

But that didn’t stop people from joking about DisguisedToast and other male streamers joining in on the hot tub meta train. Some followers joked that they wanted DisguisedToast to write the names of subscribers on his body, as do indiefoxx and others

When is the OfflineTV hot tub stream?

Pokimane still hasn’t announced an official date for the hot tub stream., but her birthday is May 14. She will be turning 25 years old. Her loyal following will have to wait to find out the exact date and time of the OfflineTV hot tube stream.