indiefoxx tests nudity rules after her return from Twitch ban

By Olivia Richman


Feb 1, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Twitch streamer indiefoxx is back after a three-day ban for nudity, and she doesn’t seem phased at all. 

The streaming community is hot in discussing a recent Just Chatting broadcast in which the female streamer decided to write the names of donors on her body. While laying in bed wearing revealing lingerie, indiefoxx started writing the names of viewers who made donations in marker all over her form. This included on top of her cleavage and along her thighs. 

Is indiefoxx finding loopholes in Twitch’s sexual content rules?

Some have wondered how this was allowed, since Indiefoxx was wearing only a bra and underwear. According to Twitch’s rules on sexual content, sexually suggestive content is prohibited on the streaming platform. While evaluations are nade on an individual basis, the policy states that sexually suggestive content includes the camera focusing on the breasts and poses that are deliberately highlighting the breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region. 

When it comes to nudity and attire, Twitch’s stated goal is to allow streamers to express themselves without “exposing our global, diverse community to inappropriate content.” This means that streamers can’t be fully or partially nude. 

But Twitch’s standard guidelines do state that cleavage is “unrestricted.” Since Indiefoxx is wearing a bra that covers her nipples and underbust, it’s possible that her top conforms to Twitch’s nudity guidelines. 

Some fans have pointed out that wearing a bathing suit by the beach or pool is allowed, meaning indiefoxx might be banking on lingerie being similarly acceptable. 

Other Twitch fans were not as quick to find Indiefoxx’s actions acceptable and pointed out that her breasts, thighs, and crotch were the clear focal point of her recent stream. By writing directly atop her breasts, it made that area of her body the focal point, which is not allowed by Twitch’s standards. 

Many argued that indiefoxx shouldn’t be allowed on Twitch anymore since her streams are clearly meant to funnel traffic to her OnlyFans account. While they didn’t knock her hustle, they felt it wasn’t content that fit Twitch’s guidelines.

Indiefoxx banned for three days after breaking nudity rules on Twitch

It’s no secret that the Twitch community has constantly accused the platform of favoring female streamers the company’s employees find attractive. When female streamers break the site’s nudity and sexual content policies, it seems like they just get a slap on the wrist. This usually is in the form of a warning or a three-day ban. 

MissBehavin was recently banned for only three days after she showed her entire bottom half on Twitch during a long sexualized dance. Meanwhile, popular male streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors was banned for over a month after accidentally opening a GIF that showed horse genitalia. While nobody has denied that Forsen should be punished for the mistake, the streaming community is wondering why Twitch’s punishments are so inconsistent. 

indiefoxx was banned for wearing a swimsuit while sitting in a hot tub during a live stream. In the clip, she stood up and performed a spin. Twitch streamer jakenbake paused the resulting video and showed that her swimsuit was see-through. This ultimately led to indiefoxx being suspended. For many in the Twitch community, it seemed as though indiefoxx’s antics had gone unnoticed or purposely ignored by Twitch until jakenbake’s clip gained massive attention and prompted backlash. 

On Twitter, indiefoxx sarcastically thanked jakenbake for getting her banned. She even shared a video of her showing the bathing suit in more detail, saying that she was not “showing her anus” on Twitch. 

“It’s clearly not see-through,” indiefoxx said. 

indiefoxx then joked that jakenbake “owed her” for getting her banned from the platform. Even though the swimsuit wasn’t see-through as jakenbake initially thought, a lot of the Twitch community was in agreement that the swimsuit was too revealing. They said it clearly violated Twitch’s policies on nudity and sexual content. 


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