Pokemon Presents reveals Duraludon, brings Hoopa to Unite

By Olivia Richman


Feb 27, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The Pokemon Presents brought some official roster news to Pokemon Unite players with the reveal that Duraludon is coming to Pokemon Unite.

Duraludon is a Steel and Dragon-type Pokemon that basically looks like a robotic dragon-like entity. It’s the signature Pokemon of Sword and Shield’s eighth gym leader, Raihan. Despite its solid appearance and the fact it’s made of metal, the Pokemon is apparently only 88 pounds.

Duraludon is definitely a surprise for many Pokemon fans. It’s not the most popular Pokemon like more iconic choices, but Pokemon Unite developers have explained that adding unexpected Pokemon is part of their ongoing plan for the MOBA.

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When is Duraludon coming to Pokemon Unite?

Duraludon will be arriving in Pokemon Unite this March.

No extra details were given during the Pokemon Presents event, but a hint was given in January. A poster teasing the next three Pokemon was revealed, with the first Pokemon being Aegislash, the next being Hoopa, and the last one being Duraludon.

What role will Duraludon be in Pokemon Unite?

Duraludon will be an attacker when it arrives in Pokemon Unite.

Duraludon full list of moves weren’t confirmed, but some were shown off. One of its moves is Stealth Rock, which is an AOE attack that will likely do damage over time. Another move with an enormous AOE was shown, though it’s unknown what this might be. The initial teaser image for it also looked similar to the animation for the move Mean Look, which stops Pokemon from fleeing.

Hoopa comes to Pokemon Unite

While waiting for Duraludon, Pokemon Unite players can check out Hoopa.

Hoopa is a ranged supporter that helps teammates regain health and move efficiently. Hoopa has two forms, Hoopa Confined and Hoopa Unbound. You will usually use Hoopa Confined but Hoopa’s Unite Move unleashes its stronger form.

When unbound, Hoopa unleashes a beam of light with every basic attack, potentially dealing damage to multiple enemies. Hoopa’s Magician ability creates a hole beneath one of the Berries in enemy territory, warping the Berry right in front of Hoopa.

Hoopa Unite

At level one, Hoopa can learn Astonish or Confusion. Astonish is an AOE ability, while confusion unleashes a powerful telekinetic force that deals damage to a Pokemon in a chosen direction. There is a delayed explosion that deals damage to enemies and decreases movement speeds.

What really sets Hoop apart is the fact that it can open portals that allows both Hoopa and nearby allies to move through. It’s an ability similar to Dota 2 hero Underlord, which should make Hoopa a meta-changing addition to the game.