Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event adds Bergmite, costumed Glaceon

By Steven Rondina


Dec 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Christmas has arrived in Pokemon GO with the Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event.

This latest part of the Season of Heritage will let players celebrate the holidays with a number of ice types as well as some fun returning costumed Pokemon. The biggest addition to the Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event are two new costumed Pokemon including a scarf-wearing Spheal and Glaceon wearing a cape. The Glaceon is notable due to its costume being similar to a Holowear skin seen for Sylveon in Pokemon Unite.

Alongside the new costumed Pokemon are the returns of Santa hat Pikachu, bell-wearing Stantler, and bow-wearing Delibird and Cubchoo. 

These costumed Pokemon will be available throughout the Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event as both wild encounters and in raids. And there are a number of other interesting encounters that players can look forward to. 

The event will be divided up into two parts. From December 16 to 23, players will be able to encounter the costumed Pokemon alongside Swinub, Snorunt, Snover, Vanillite, Alolan Sandshrew and Cryogonal. From December 23 to 31, Alolan Sandshrew will be swapped out for Alolan Vulpix and Bergmite.

Bergmite, Avalugg debuting in Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event

The second part of the Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event will see the addition of Bergmite and Avalugg to the game, starting December 23.

Bergmite will be available during that time as a rare wild encounter and will be obtainable in seven-kilometer eggs. Avalugg will not be available in the wild, but can be evolved from Bergmite. It is uncertain how many candies Avalugg will require to evolve, but the expectation is 50.

Avalugg isn’t an especially powerful Pokemon, but tops out at a respectable 3,615 CP at level 50. It’s positioned to have a diverse move pool as well, which could set it up to be useful in PVP battles.

Alongside the release of Bergmite and Avalugg, Kyurem is set to return to Pokemon GO in five-star raids throughout the Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event. The first half will have Mega Steelix in mega raids, while the second half will have Mega Abomasnow. The second portion will also see Galarian Darumaka appear in one-star raids.

This is a great chance to stock up on some regional variants, so Pokemon GO players ought to take advantage of the event as it runs through New Year’s Eve.