Here’s the best Sylveon build for Pokemon Unite

By Steven Rondina


Oct 5, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Sylveon has arrived in Pokemon Unite, but how do you best build the newest Pokemon to join the game’s cast?

The first Eeveelution added to Pokemon Unite is a deadly ranged attacker that offers a mix of offensive and defensive prowess with some extra mobility options thrown in for good measure. The combination makes Sylveon a versatile threat in all stages of the game.

Just as importantly, Sylveon is designed to peak much more quickly than other Pokemon, unlocking its Unite Move at level eight, allowing it to potentially swing an extra fight in its team’s favor without having to worry about being at full strength for Zapdos. Sylveon’s toolkit makes it the polar opposite of Mamoswine, which was revealed alongside Sylveon but has proven to be a bruising defender focused on the late-game stages.

What’s the best way to build Sylveon? And what moves should players pick with the Pokemon?

Best build for Sylveon in Pokemon Unite

Sylveon’s moveset isn’t unique, but the Pokemon is poised to have peerless acceleration. While it might not sound like a massive difference, the fact that Sylveon learns its Unite Move at level eight instead of nine like everyone else can translate into one extra ult to secure a Drednaw. Here’s how to make the most of those abilities.


Swift and Baby Doll Eyes are both completely acceptable to choose at level one, but Swift is given the slight nod here thanks to its greater reliability and its ability to clear out jungle Pokemon. It’s not really a significant handicap to pick up Baby Doll Eyes, which is strange given how different Pokemon Unite’s version of the move is compared to the mainline games.

Mystical Fire

At level four, Swift should be upgraded to Mystical Fire. This creates fireballs that swirl around Sylveon and attack nearby enemy units. The move is preferred for dealing with enemy players, but Hyper Voice is better for clearing out jungle Pokemon. Hyper Voice is a strong defensive tool to force back anyone that’s chasing you and it might work with certain team compositions, but Mystical Fire is the more reliable offensive option for most games.

Draining Kiss

Draining Kiss does exactly what one would expect. It deals damage and heals Sylveon based on the damage dealt. This increases Sylveon’s sustainability and offers up the chance to pull off some outplays in one-on-one situations. Calm Mind is also useful, but as with Mystical Fire, Draining Kiss’ reliability makes it the preferred option.

Sylveon Unite Move

For its Unite Move, Sylveon jumps in the air and stomps the ground to release a wave of AOE damage. It gains increased movement speed after. Sylveon learns its Unite Move at level eight, earlier than any other Pokemon, allowing it to potentially turn the tide of early battles.

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Sylveon holowear

Best Pokemon Unite items for Sylveon

  • Buddy Barrier
  • Choice Specs
  • Wise Glasses
  • Eject Button

When it comes to Sylveon’s item build, it’s all about increasing special moves’ damage. Wise Glasses offer an increase to the special attack stat while Choice Specs offer a flat damage boost to special moves based on the special attack stat. These items effectively stack and offer a significant boost to Sylveon when the items are leveled.

Buddy Barrier is the standard in mid and high-level play is especially helpful on Sylveon. Since Sylveon can learn its Unite Move earlier, that means it’ll have more opportunities to make the use of Buddy Barrier. The item gives a shield to Sylveon and a nearby ally when the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, which is huge in team fights.

Eject Button is the best action item for every Pokemon. Sylveon is no exception, with the item offering increased mobility for both offensive and defensive purposes.