Pokemon Go Pidgey Pandemonium event was a failure

By Melany Moncada


Apr 4, 2023

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Pokemon Go is facing backlash again, this time for the Pidgey Pandemonium event on April Fool’s Day.

Niantic can’t catch a break. The developer is being criticized for the upcoming changes to Remote Raid Passes. The changes will see the passes drastically increasing in price and limiting the number of remote raids players can participate in during the day.

Pokemon Go fans unhappy with Pidgey Pandemonium

On April Fool’s Day, players found yet another reason to be angry, the Pidgey Pandemonium event. This event promised to bring chaos to Pokemon Go but ended up being an underwhelming experience.

The event was supposed to run from 1 p.m. through 7 p.m. local time. To some players, the Pidgey didn’t show up until 4 p.m., and even then, the spawn rate was low. Other players reported the event not only started late but also ended early. Instead of six hours of play, some players only had three.

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The attractive part of an event featuring Pidgey is catching as many shiny Pidgey as possible. Players who played for multiple hours reported they only found a couple of shiny Pidgey.

Overall, fans were unhappy with the event.

Niantic ignores player’s complaints

Pokemon Go players are claiming to be massively uninstalling the game after Niantic’s failure to address the complaints. Players want Remote Raid Passes to stay the same, which allows global communities to come together from the comfort of their homes.

A failed event like Pidgey Pandemonium is just salt in the wound for players who are growing disappointed with the developer. Niantic is yet to release a statement, which players believe to be a response in itself.

The only changes Pokemon Go announced in the past 24 hours are the debut of Regieleki in the game and a capacity upgrade for both items and Pokemon.


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