Players canceling Pokemon Go after Remote Raid update

By Melany Moncada


Apr 1, 2023

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Pokemon Go shared a new update regarding the Remote Raid passes, and fans are unhappy, calling it the end of the game.

Pokemon Go was released in 2016 with a premise that was enticing for players. For the first time, they got to explore the real world and catch Pokemon, the battle over Gyms, and face Team Go Rocket.

In 2021, as countries established limitations that kept people inside their houses, Pokemon Go had to adapt to the new reality of the world. The game introduced Remote Raid passes, a ticket that allowed players to join Raid battles from the comfort of their homes.

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The ability to invite friends from all over the world to local raids gave players the opportunity to create bigger and better online communities.

In 2023, Pokemon Go is going back on the changes that made Remote Raid passes great, and the community is not happy about it.

2023 Remote Raid Passes changes in Pokemon Go

The changes to the Remote Raid Passes will roll out on April 6 at 11 a.m. local time. The changes are:

  • New price. One pass will cost 195 PokeCoins, while a three-pack will sell for 535 PokeCoins.
  • Participation limits. Players can only participate in five Remote Raids per day.
  • Players can have five Remote Raid Passes in their inventory. If they earn a sixth one, it will be turned into a Premium Battle Pass.

The prices are almost doubling. Before the changes, a Remote Raid Pass sells for 100 PokeCoins and the three-pack for 300 PokeCoins. Considering the prices and limitations, it is not surprising that fans are talking about giving up on the game.

The changes are particularly damaging to disable players who cannot simply go outside to participate in raids. Niantic is yet to address the situation, but considering the developer hardly listens to the player’s feedback, it is likely the changes will go through.


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