Pokemon Cafe Mix vs. Pokemon Cafe ReMix: All the differences

By Melany Moncada


Apr 15, 2023

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Pokemon has a variety of spinoff games including Pokemon Cafe Mix, a puzzle game for Nintendo Switch. If you try to find it today, you won’t see it on the Nintendo eShop. Instead you’ll find a similar title named Pokemon Cafe ReMix, but what exactly are the differences between both games?

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a puzzle game where players manage a cafe entirely staffed by Pokemon. This is a cozy game full of beautiful art and delicious desserts. Players must complete levels to advance through the game and add more features to the cafe.

In 2021, Pokemon announced a rebranding for the game, and Pokemon Cafe Mix changed its name to Pokemon Cafe ReMix.

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

What are the differences between Pokemon Cafe Mix and ReMix?

Pokemon Cafe Remix could be considered an enhanced version of the game. It includes multiple new modes and the ability to dress up your Pokemon however you like.

One of the new modes is the Pokemon Visiting Mode. Players complete puzzles to prepare a specific order. The player gets to decide which visiting Pokemon they will be serving and can use golden acorns to attract specific customers. This is a method to recruit a specific Pokemon into your team and grow your friendship with them.

Completing a certain number of orders will prompt an encounter with special Pokemon. So far, Charmander, Pikachu with Chef’s White, and Lucario with Chef’s White are some of the bonus Pokemon in the game.

 The Menu Development mode allows players to develop new menu items. First, they must meet a specific criteria with their Pokemon. It is worth the effort since this is the best way to guarantee you are offering the most profitable items.

Pokemon Cafe ReMix might be a cozy game, but that doesn’t mean you are not a trainer. The Training mode allows players to increase the level of an individual Pokemon. The higher the level of your Pokemon, the more advantages and bonuses you unlock.


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