Play Valorant maps in CSGO

Players can now play Valorant maps in CSGO, here’s how

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 6, 2022

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Like Valorant’s map designs, but not the weapons and abilities? Well, you can now combine the maps of Valorant with the impeccable gunplay of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

In 2020, Riot Games changed the tactical shooter genre by rolling out Valorant, a five-on-five hero shooter. With devastating abilities assigned to different agents, the genre took a unique turn. CSGO is still popular, but it’s certainly not the only go-to shooter. Valorant has become a strong contender, roping in thousands of players across different titles with its unique maps and concept. 

Those still hung on CSGO can get a taste of Valorant’s modern maps without migrating. Here’s how you can play Valorant maps in CSGO without logging out of Steam

How to play Valorant maps in CSGO

CSGO players can now enjoy Valorant without having to deal with over-the-top abilities. Independent map creators have remade Valorant’s map in CSGO, making them available for all. They play precisely like the original version and have a distinct look by combining the realistic textures of CSGO with the fantastical locales of Valorant. 

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Here’s how to play Valorant maps in CSGO:

So far, three well-built maps are ready to play, including Haven, Split, and Bind. 

  • Click on this link and log into Steam
  • Select the preferred map from the options
  • Click on the green “subscribe” button to add it to game
  • Play CSGO and click on workshop maps from the dropdown menu
  • Select the subscribed map from your collection

This will make Valorant maps available in CSGO. Several other developers have ported maps into Valve’s shooter, but this collection is the best so far. The three available maps are complete and even have Bind’s teleporters that work properly. 

The CSGO versions of Valorant maps aren’t much different. The bright colors are lacking and so are the fine details, but CSGO’s smooth gameplay makes those shortcomings negligible. The strange sight of CSGO’s buy menu appearing on Split’s A lobby might be enough to confuse familiar players.

This is a great solution for those constantly comparing the two games. While Valorant may have similarities with CSGO, they’re essentially different. Still, players can now merge the two and enjoy everything on one platform, minus the extraterrestrial abilities and agents. 


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