Philadelphia Fusion bring in new coaching staff

Morten Marstal • October 8, 15:53

The Philadelphia Fusion have announced that Elliot “Hayes” Hayes and Se-Hwi “NamedHwi” Go are to be head coaches of the team next season.

The Fusion, coming off a roller coaster of a season, have made the first changes to their staff by announcing that the pair of former assistant coaches will be moving to head coaching roles. NamedHwi was described as the primary Korean coach, wihile Hayes was described as the Western coach.

Although the Fusion did part ways with Korean team member Jeong-Hwan “DayFly” Park, the team has still maintained three Korean players. While the squad primarily communicates in English, it’s important for team communications to have a native Korean speaker on staff.

Both coaches spent the entire first season of Overwatch League with the Fusion, and Hayes spent some of his time acting as head coach for the Fusion’s Overwatch Contenders team. Hayes is also the current head coach of the British Overwatch League World Cup team.

The team’s former head coach, Yann “Kirby” Luu, was absent from the announcement, but CEO Tucker “BLT” Roberts tweeted shortly after to say that Kirby was still with the team and that more news would be released soon.


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