PGL Stockholm Major viewer pass arrives with stickers, patches

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The PGL Stockholm Major is fast approaching, and that means a new assortment of cosmetic items are arriving alongside the major viewer pass.

Valve has dropped a new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s PGL Stockholm Major. The new patch includes the newest suite of team stickers and patches for CSGO esports fans to collect. The patch also includes a new Pick’Em challenge and souvenir drop system for the PGL Stockholm Major.

The pass works the exact same as in-game access to Katowice 2019. The features include the CSGO Pick’Em Challenge, the event coin, and eligibility for souvenir package drops. Players can redeem one custom Stockholm Major souvenir case every time they rank up their event coin. The Stockholm Major pass costs $9.99. A Stockholm Major starter pack with three souvenir tokens is currently 5% off at $17.99.

New PGL Stockholm Major stickers and patches 

The sticker selection for PGL Major Stockholm is massive, with different qualities for each team. The design is very simple with an unobstructed team logo with the tournament’s logo off to the side. The simple design should work very well on many different skins

The small PGL logo could be a callback to the highly-coveted Katowice 2014 stickers, which are famous for their straightforward design. The 2021 CSGO stickers include holographic and foil finishes for each team. 

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CSGO superfans can even spring for blinged-out gold versions of their favorite team’s logo. Higher rarities also include a PGL Major Stockholm logo sticker, which can itself be blinged out. The major sticker capsules are divided into three categories, with each carrying a price tag of $0.99. The three groups are determined by challenger, contender, and legend status. The drop rates for different rarities are likely similar to the odds for CGO skin cases.

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The Stockholm Major update also includes patches for every competing team. These cosmetics can be applied to agent skins, including the dozens available in Operation Riptide. Luckily for collectors, there are only blue and purple-rarity patches. CSGO major patches are similarly broken up by seeding and available for $1.99 a pull.

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The PGL Stockholm Major, which starts October 26, represents a triumphant return to regular LAN play for CSGO. The game was entirely online for over a year before IEM Cologne proved that in-person play is viable again. The Stockholm Major features 24 of the best teams in the world in a Valve-sponsored tournament.

The $2 million prize pool will elevate the event as the most exciting CSGO tournament of the year.