PGL Major Viewer Pass screenshot

PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024 Viewer Pass explained

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 16, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike 2 players can get their hands on coveted skins and in-game items by purchasing the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass and nailing their Pick’Ems. 

The 2024 Viewer Pass will allow players to participate in the PGL Major Copenhagen from home by making their picks. By making correct predictions, players can win valuable items, including souvenir tokens, event coins, and souvenir packages that house coveted skins and stickers. 

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How PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024 Viewer Pass works

Tokens are mainly earned through progress, but purchasing the upgraded Viewer Pass for a few dollars more allows players to receive three extra souvenir tokens from the start.

  • Viewer Pass: $9.99
  • Viewer Pass with 3 souvenir tokens: $18

Once you’ve purchased the Viewer Pass, you will become eligible to participate in Pick’Ems and can receive souvenir packages in exchange for tokens earned through predictions. But to bag all tokens, you need to complete a total of 9 challenges. 

Souvenir packages consist of unique map-specific weapon skin and golden stickers from the participating teams of the selected match. You don’t need a key to unlock these packages. 

When you receive a token after completing a challenge, your Copenhagen 2024 Major coin will also be updated. 

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Pick’Em challenges

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Viewer Pass

Here are all the Pick’Em challenges you must complete to gain tokens and upgrade coins. 

Bronze Coin:

  • Activate Viewer Pass

Silver Coin:

  • Place all 10 Pick’Em predictions for the Opening Stage before it starts.
  • Make five correct predictions.

Gold Coin:

  • Place all 10 Pick’Em predictions for the Elimination stage before it starts.
  • Place five correct predictions at the Elimination stage.
  • Place seven predictions for the playoffs before it starts.

Diamond Coin:

  • Place 2 correct predictions for the Quarterfinals.
  • Place 1 correct prediction for the Semifinal.
  • Place 1 correct prediction for the Final.

Alternatively, you can just buy the Viewer Pass if you don’t wish to unlock more items via Pick’Ems. By purchasing the Viewer Pass, you’ll still get a Bronze Coin to flex on your profile.