CS2 players unhappy with Copenhagen Major 2024 stickers

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 15, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Valve has just unveiled the latest stickers for PGL Copenhagen Major 2024. However, it seems that the designs and theme of the stickers have not quite hit the mark with some players.

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 kicks off on March 17. While esports fans remain eager to watch their favorite teams battle it out for the lion’s share of $1,250,000, the skin community, eagerly awaiting the release of new stickers, finds themselves disappointed. 

On March 14, Valve lifted the curtain on highly coveted stickers just two days before the major. The 24 stickers have four variations: plain, gold, holo, and glitter. On the surface, the stickers are actually pretty decent, but seasoned CS2 esports fans think the designs look a bit too familiar. 

Copenhagen Major 2024 stickers are almost identical to Paris Major 2023

The new stickers’ borderless design has made them almost indistinguishable from last year’s. Majors in Antwerp 2022 and Paris 2023 included borderless sticker designs, and back then, players were pleased. It was a refreshing change from the bold borders sticker theme. Not only that, but the borderless stickers blended well with the weapon’s surface. But, now Valve is just overdoing it, players think. 

When compared with previous borderless stickers, the difference is barely noticeable. 

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The Copenhagen stickers are much brighter and richer due to the new engine’s varnish, and they are surely a visual treat. But, some holo and gold variants look either too yellow or barely visible due to intense sheen and lack of background. The repetitive design is surely an issue, but players think color schemes are also lazy. 

“All 4 ‘red-on-red’ glitters look shitty. You don’t border the same color as the interior, ESPECIALLY when the interior is eye-catching like the glitter,” one fan wrote.

Valve has shipped the Copenhagen Major Hub, where you can find the Pick’Em Challenge and the Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass. Souvenirs and stickers will be released soon. It’s worth noting that players and organizations share 50% of the proceeds from tournament items.