Perkz opens up on role swap with Caps, says G2 was trolling too much

Olivia Richman • May 20, 03:07

G2 Esports veteran Luka “Perkz” Perkovic recently spoke on his upcoming move back to the bottom lane.

Perkz recently opened up to Korizon about the controversial role swap, stating that Rasmus “Caps” Winther didn’t enjoy playing bot lane as much as he did. 

“The reason he wanted to play bot lane in the first place is because he thought I was unhappy,” Perkz admitted. 

For that reason, Perkz stated that it was “best for the team” if he took back the role for summer, despite G2 doing pretty well in the Spring Split. This included a sweeping 3-0 victory in the finals over Fnatic, the squad’s biggest rival. 

Even though Perkz said that he’s happy to swap roles, he admitted that the team learned a lot from the role switch. The change allowed them to have a fresh start after losing to FunPlus Phoenix at Worlds and gave them “a lot of extra motivation.” 

“We probably trolled too much…I feel like we play much better League of Legends now,” Perkz said. “We’re taking it step by step from now on, and enjoying what we’re doing. In the end, that will give us better results than ever before.”

Fans skeptical of Perkz and Caps swap in 2020 LEC Spring Split

G2 Esports’ fans were in a state of shock when Caps and Perkz swapped roles in December ahead of the 2020 LEC Spring Split.

Perkz first announced he was moving to ADC in 2018 when the team added Caps to the roster. After a very successful year that even included a second place finish at Worlds, the duo now seemed like they were hinting at yet another switch. Some even thought the two might be trolling when G2 first announced the switch on Twitter with an accompanying video of Caps and Perkz talking about switching roles ends with a wink face. 

A few days earlier, Perkz had said on stream that the team’s goal was to have himself and Caps not swapping roles entirely. Instead, both would play bot lane and mid lane, with each player specializing in certain champions in an attempt to be flexible for the upcoming season. 

In the end, it was made official that Perkz and Caps would be switching roles completely. This concerned many fans, who felt Caps was better suited for mid lane than Perkz. 

At the end of December, Perkz surprised his followers by revealing on Twitch that it was all Caps’ idea to switch roles. Many had previously expected that it was Perkz’ doing, since he was previously considered one of the best mid laners in the LEC. 

“I’m not going to force someone to do something they don’t want to do. It was Caps’ idea to go bot anyways, not mine,” Perkz said. 

Caps and Perkz role swap is a hit with team and fans

Despite some fans’ initial concerns and a very shaky start to the Spring Split, the swap may have paid off. In February, G2 was at a 4-0 record and Caps was feeling really confident about the decision to swap roles

“I think me playing bot lane probably gives us a better chance of winning,” Caps said. “ADC is probably less fun than mid lane, I just like it as a role.” 

He added that Perkz is having more fun on mid lane as well, since that’s where he thrived for so many years. Since each of them was having more fun, Caps felt that they would only become stronger as the season went on. But now, they’re swapping back.

G2 will be competing against MAD Lions on June 12 in the LEC Summer Split opener. 


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