G2 Esports’ Caps and Perkz may be swapping mid and bot roles

By Olivia Richman


Dec 13, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

G2 Esports fans are wondering if they’re getting trolled. 

The European League of Legends team just announced on Twitter that Rasmus “Caps” Winther and Luka “Perkz” Perković are swapping roles, putting Caps in the bot lane and Perkz back to mid lane. 

“Wait, are Caps and Perkz really doing this?” G2 tweeted out, complete with a “mind blown” emoji. 

The tweet is accompanied by a short clip that shows Perkz casually chatting to Caps about his offseason. He tells Caps he’s been “relaxing and thinking about life,” while Caps said he had been “catching up” with all the other pro players and content creators. Things are chill enough until Perkz notices that Caps has selected a surprising role in queue. 

“Wait… You want to go bot lane?” Perkz stammers. 

“And you want to go mid lane?” Caps shoots back, sounding just as surprised. 

After a moment of holding back explitives, both teammates tell each other that they think they can take on the role they’ve selected. 

“Are we actually going to do this?” Perkz asks. 

“I think we are,” Caps responds. 

The video ends with a wink face emoji from G2 Esports, leaving fans wondering if the role reversal is for real. While the organization is known to troll their followers, Caps and Perkz are both known for their ability to swap roles depending on champions and matchups, so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

On an earlier stream, Perkz reportedly said that the team’s goal is to have himself and Caps both playing in the bot lane and mid lane, with both players focusing on certain champions in an attempt to grow their champion pools and allow them to become more flexible overall. 

While fans are hoping they don’t swap roles completely, the idea of them flexing between the roles has intruiged the League of Legends community. Caps plays well on many ADCs, making bot lane play not too far fetched for the ex-Fnatic player. Perkz, on the other hand, played mid lane in the past at a very high level. 

In October, G2 founder Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago told ESPN the team’s reason behind moving Perkz from mid lane to the AD carry role after a defeat at Worlds last year. 

“By spending time with Perkz, I figured out he wouldn’t mind swapping roles, but it had to be under the right circumstances. Who can replace Perkz? There are only two people in the world that can replace Perkz in Perkz’s eyes. One is Caps,” Ocelote explained

Still, fans on Reddit are undecided on who would be better in the mid lane position. 

“I think Caps has improved a lot in terms of consistency. He’s less reckless than he was before but Perkz was really insane at Worlds 2017 so it’s hard to tell who’d be better,” one user speculated, starting a long back and forth between fans regarding the skills and abilities of the two G2 players. 

For now, it’s not even certain if Perkz and Caps are switching roles completely or just planning to swap between the two positions when they feel like it. Or if G2 is just trolling everyone. When freelance esports host Eefje Depoortere asked G2 Esports if the swap was “for real,” the organization replied with a simple “maybe,” followed by a wink. 


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