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Patch 4.11 brings new clutch mute system to Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new clutch mute system allows Valorant players to control what they hear during intense moments. Riot has rolled out a shiny new feature to block out background noise. 

Valorant is a team game, but it often comes to down clutch situations where a player may be left alone against multiple enemies. Even a slight distraction can ruin an easy shot and, in turn, an entire round. Unfortunately in Valorant, distractions are plenty. With teammates breathing into their mics and providing unsolicited advice, clutching becomes tricky. 

Patch 4.11 isn’t precisely a meta-shaker, but it sure brings a feature that’ll drastically improve the Valorant experience. Players will now be able to regulate what they hear in certain situations. 

What is clutch mute in Valorant? 

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Clutch mute is a brand new feature that allows players to turn off teammates’ audio with a single key. 

Riot has rolled out a new update, which brings the option to mass mute teammates or party members to help during clutch moments. Instead of muting each teammate by going into the settings, players can now press one key and get rid of all distractions and micro-managers. This feature should drastically improve the Valorant experience as muting each teammate during an intense situation is far from practical. Single-key mass mute will surely boost up individual clutches. 

How to mass-mute teammates in Valorant? 

Muting teammates throughout the round is never a good practice as Valorant is a team game at its core. The new clutch mute system allows situational muting. Here’s how to mass-mute teammates.

  • Go to Settings > Controls > Communication
  • Set key binds for party and team voice clutch mute keys
  • Press the key bind while in-game to toggle “ON” the party and/or team voice clutch mute and then again to toggle “OFF.”
  • When “ON,” you can toggle the mute any time during your match when you hit the assigned key bind. An icon will appear so you know when it’s enabled.

Players should feel a positive change in overall social experience in Valorant games after patch 4.11. The developer has also fixed a litany of bugs that have been marring the game experience. 

What’s a muted word list in Valorant? 

Considering the rampant bullies in Valorant, Riot Games has introduced a new feature that censors specific words. Players can add as many words to “muted” as they want, and the system would automatically sensor their variations.