Patch 3.08 allows players to choose skin level in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Patch 3.08 has finally rolled in with tons of long-awaited updates and game changes. 

All Valorant agent kits have received consistent servicing from the developer in each patch. This time, Riot Games has focused more on in-game features that players have been requesting for a while now. Patch 3.08 tackles level border, report notifications, and skin downgrade. 

Players can pick skin levels in patch 3.08

After the new patch, players will be able to pick their preferred skin level. The community has been asking for this feature since the release of Prime karambit, a melee that has a better equip-animation on a lower level.

Upon upgrading, the knife switches to a button equip, which players didn’t fancy as much. Patch 3.08 will allow players to go downgrade levels. However, this is only applicable to basic skins. Variants will automatically default to the max skin level.

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Toggle account level at will

A new tab has also been added to the game, which will allow players to equip any account level border that has been unlocked. Using this tab, players can toggle on or off their level visibility for those who are not your friends. Apart from this, the developer has added a new feature where users will be notified of actions taken against reported players, whether they’re online or offline. If you reported someone for cheating, a notification would pop up once you have the game open.

The developer has also fixed minor performance bugs in the game. Skin glitches have become relatively common recently, where the full wrap won’t render upon switching. This, along with the blinding orb appearing upon spam shooting a surface, has been fixed. 

Many players reported a glitch where pinning a map while defusing the Spike would disrupt the defuse. It’s not an intentional game mechanic, as Riot Games has patched the issue. Players can now use pin keys while deactivating the bomb. Other minor fixes are also included in patch 3.08, along with some updates for esports professionals. 

  • Coaches now have the ability to swap to players with keybinds
  • Coaches now inherit the setting to see player keybindings on the minimap, similar to observers
  • Fixed hitch that could occur when Barrier Orb breaks
  • Fixed hitches for certain input prompts
  • Attackers at A Lobby in Split could previously hear gunshots from the A Ramps during the buy phase. This was unintended and is now fixed