Patch 11.24b is the last patch of the year

By Nicholas James


Dec 14, 2021

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2021 is wrapping up and that means the same for League of Legends preseason balance patches. Patch 11.24b will be the final patch for the year, addressing the balance discrepancies that Riot isn’t happy leaving for next year.

Pyke, Gwen, Olaf finally get love in patch 11.24b

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It seems like champions that go hunting for Viego haven’t been faring well in the preseason. In the patch preview shared by Riot Phlox on Twitter, it’s clear that Riot has some champions that it thinks need some love. In the bot lane, Kai’sa, Varus, and Pyke are all getting buffs. All of them have had trouble keeping up a meta of tanky engage supports that can easily peel Pyke or shut down either of the marksman characters.

Talon’s jungle domination stops over Christmas

For nerfs in patch 11.24b, there are still a few champions who are doing far too well for Riot’s standards.

Fans will be happy to see Vayne nerfed after she became a monster in the preseason with the new Lethal Tempo. In the mid lane, Lux and Kassadin both have ended up being too powerful thanks to the new Crown of the Shattered Queen item. Finally Talon’s jungling capabilities continue to be too efficient, while Doctor Mundo has been the same in top lane.

The original patch’s system changes seem to have gone over well with only two needing some slight systems changes. Glacial Augment is getting a buff, after being nerfed too hard in patch 11.24. First Strike is also getting a deserved nerf, with strange strategies from Karthus to Shaco being tried with the money-printing rune. The patch will release on Wednesday, but for now the only source is Phlox’s Twitter.


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