PashaBiceps and his bike

PashaBiceps shocks fans with bike journey to Paris Major

By Fariha Bhatti


May 20, 2023

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Legendary CSGO pro Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski has proven what it means to be a true esports fan as he rides his bike from Warsaw to Paris just to watch the Paris major.

When it comes to CSGO legends, pashaBiceps stands out with his massive fan following, and for all the right reasons. Even after retiring, pashaBiceps, lovingly known as papito, remained loyal to CSGO. Now, he has etched his name in history by undertaking a bike journey to Paris to witness CSGO’s final major.

The Paris Major is hands down the biggest historical moment in CSGO, and pashaBiceps’ recent escapade has made it all the more exciting. The former CSGO pro rode 1,800 kilometers to Paris, setting a new standard for true fandom.

During his journey, papito, a popular streamer, MMA fighter, and former pro, shared his experiences on social media. It was clear that the ride was far from easy, with bumpy routes, windy weather, and various obstacles along the way. However, he persevered and reached the major in time. Starting at 6:15 am on May 12 from Warsaw, he arrived at the Eiffel Tower on May 19, completing the seven-day journey solely on his bike.

To sustain himself throughout the trip and avoid wasting time on elaborate meals, Pasha packed protein bars and energy gels. Despite the arduous journey, he never missed out on closely following the major. While biking through the rough streets of Warsaw, he watched the games live on his mobile phone.

CSGO legend rides the bike to Paris Major

However, the major wasn’t the only reason papito had to maintain a tight schedule and keep riding. He had to return to Warsaw the day after the final in order to celebrate his wife’s birthday. His commitment to completing this demanding journey despite the time constraints is truly admirable.


“I have two days to make it in time because I have a flight back to Warsaw scheduled for the next day. Why am I returning so early? I am organizing a birthday party for my wife, and as you know, some things are more important in life,” he said.

His inspiring journey also got the attention of the official Counter-Strike handle, who wished him a safe ride. Finally, papito ended his journey with an emotional message to CS2 in his signature style.

“Today I’m here to say: Counter-Strike. Thank you for everything, you are not my friend you are my brother my friend!”


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